RIC Bela krajina

The public institution RIC Bela krajina (Development and information center Bela krajina) was established to carry out the tasks of local tourism organization and business development center for planning, organizing and implementing promotional and informational activities to promote tourism and entrepreneurship development, promotion of marketing of tourism and other services, for collaboration and networking with similar organizations.

Regular activities of organization are:

  • to promote business development in Bela krajina region and establishing an appropriate environment for business development
  • promotion of tourist destinations Bela Krajina and Kolpa. Feel the river.
  • the implementation of projects as organization of Jurjevanje in Bela Krajina, oldest folklore festival in Slovenia, organizing seminars, workshops and training programs.
  • partnership on many international projects co-financed by the EU (Interreg IV C calls, IPA SLO-HR, LEADER, etc.)

Organizing commitee

For the purpose of the Jurjevanje in Bela krajina festival, under the auspices of RIC, we founded an organizing committee, which in the spirit of Jurjevanje in Bela krajina 2010 joins the following people:

Festival director

- Mr. Peter Črnič, RIC Bela krajina director

Art director

- Ms. Helena Vukšinič, Head of the Regional Office of the Republic of Slovenia Public fund for Cultural Activities (JSKD) Črnomelj

Executive producer

- Mr. Gregor Jevšček

Programme manager

- Ms. Anita Matkovič, Senior Curator of the Belokranjski museum

Public relations and administrative secretary

- Mr. Jaka Birkelbach

Financial secretary of festival Jurjevanje in Bela krajina

- Ms. Lidija Ivanšek



RIC Bela krajina
Trg svobode 3, 8340 Črnomelj, Slovenia
Ms. Lidija Ivanšek

tel.: +386 7 30 56 530

fax: +386 7 30 56 531

e-mail: info@jurjevanje.si

facebook: facebook.com/jurjevanje


Jurjevanje committee

Address and contact person:

RIC Bela krajina
Trg svobode 3, 8340 Črnomelj
ga. Lidija Ivanšek
tel.: +386 7 30 56 530, fax: +386 7 30 56 531
gsm: +386 40 726 014
e-mail: info@jurjevanje.si