Some notes about festival

Jurjevanje in Bela krajina is the oldest folklore festival in Slovenia and one of the largest as well. In its more than a forty-year tradition, it has become an integral part of Črnomelj and its people and we are very proud of it.
The festival started in 1964, making it the oldest folklore festival in Slovenia. Until 1964 the organizers faced a lot of problems because the local authorities did not allow the organization of festivals where tradition and folklore dancing would be celebrated. They thought of it as unneccesary, old-fashioned and unsuitable for modern Socialist times.
Today the festival is the oldest in Slovenia and we are also trying to make it the most quality folklore festival. Every year there are several thousand visitors at the festival. It is also well covered by media. A lot of other activities are present during Jurjevanje.
Every year all folklore groups from Bela krajina, the southern region of Slovenia, perform at the festival. Each year there are several foreign groups performing and we are very proud to host "Le plesat me pelji" - the final national meeting of best Slovenian folklore groups. Jurjevanje is a dance, music and song festival. Visitors can hear music played on traditional Bela Krajina "tamburica" instruments, "brač", "berda", "bisernica", "bugarija", "gudalo", "white birch leaf", "rug" and some other traditional instruments. We also invite individual folk musicians and singers. The dances, songs and music performed by local folklore groups date between the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Most of the groups performing at Jurjevanje are authentic groups, as defined by CIOFF. Jurjevanje is also a national CIOFF member and would like to become an International CIOFF Festival in a few years time.